Ding Dang Dumb… Dumbo!

I’m art bum, yet I love looking/observing arts and kinda trying to be like an “artist” :-p

I’m no math wizz, suck at physics, couldn’t even pluck a guitar yet I admired engineering and once dreamed of becoming a sound engineer

I’m totally lost when it comes to computers, yet I had the ambition since form 5 to enter computer classes and learned all about the stuffs, and kinda have this silly ambition of becoming a computer expert (hacker+ owning my one and only computer geek boyfriend so that I can save cost on fixing my own pc) :-p

Yet, this was all kept in my head since 2006.. Dumb2..

piece of advice: Don’t left things inside your head. Execute it! Failure was never an option, choices are! Dare to fail!